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Considering the conversations I've been seeing over the Comp of FFVII and other Square-Enix games with extended canon (FFX, FFXII) and how there is sort of a Puritan movement with said games, I've got to wonder: has any one ever decided to pull a Martin Luther and write a list of grievances and justification for said grievances and then slap that on the wall of, say, the Square-Enix store in Tokyo?


(Run-on sentence is run-on.)

The Core of Things

  • Sep. 11th, 2007 at 8:22 PM
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So, T-minus two days until Crisis Core hits Japan. The grumbling about what, exactly, is canon has been going on since Advent Children was announced, so I won't go over that again.

What I really want to post is a question that has been in mind, well, since I started looking at all the grumbling over what canon is and the retcons and the wank.

Is there a correlation between a fan's experiences with authoritarian parents/teachers/role models and how accepting they are of new canon? You know, "Because Ann Said So" vs. "The Complication is all just fan fiction!"

Yeah, this is what I do with a BA in psychology.

ETA, Sept. 12, 2007 9:17am: [ profile] ff_press has picked up on this, (And they gave it a nice and erudite title, too! I'm very sorry for anyone that was tempted to click on the title, expecting a detailed analysis, and only getting a somewhat open-ended question.) and I actually have responses. I just wanted to air a question that's been in my head since, well, Advent Children's release. No, fair responders, I didn't expect [ profile] ff_press either to pick this up or for any responses. I'll get to them, really.

ETA, Sept. 12, 2007 5:34pm: On reflection, I know I have to clarify myself. This is what I meant: "Is there any relationship, postitive or negative, between a fan's direct experiences with authoritarian people and how receptive they are to new items of canon as specified by the creative team or members appointed by the creative team?" I did not mean anyone considered an authority. I meant, specifically, those defined as highly demanding and poorly responsive. ("Do this now because I said so.")

The reason I asked the question is due to personal experience: I came from an authoritarian household and Roman Catholic tradition. Infallibility and "because I said so" are deeply ingrained into me. So, authorities are right, and I'm wrong. How much of this has colored my acceptance of the Compilation? Or is it something else?