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NaBloPoMo 14: Nod at the Bird, People Die.

The Hunger Games has a trailer.

I am conflicted. Firstly, there are the comments from the director that talk about some of the issues of Jennifer Lawrence's casting. Hell, I'll just quote the most WTF-inducing part:
In the books, Katniss is described as being olive-skinned, dark-haired, possibly biracial. Did you discuss with Suzanne the implications of casting a blonde, caucasian girl?
Suzanne and I talked about that as well. There are certain things that are very clear in the book. Rue is African-American. Thresh is African-American. Suzanne had no issues with Jen playing the role. And she thought there was a tremendous amount of flexibility. It wasn’t doctrine to her. Jen will have dark hair in the role, but that’s something movies can easily achieve. [Laughs] I promise all the avid fans of The Hunger Games that we can easily deal with Jennifer’s hair color.

[emphasis added]

Yep, because asking for positive representation of biracial people and persons of color for a pretty major YA to film property is totally all about wank over hair.

Also still kind of bitter that Caesar Flickerman is not played by Don Francisco. Come on! Dude's been on TV forever!

However, the Reaping scenes were pretty good. The rest was kind of "meh," though. I think I'll give the series a reread, though.

In other killing-things news, will probably wander around for a midnight purchase of Assassin's Creed. Fuck yeah for refraining from getting AssCreed the First and getting a bonus game out of it. ILU, PS3.