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I'm back in Peru for Christmas.

It was sort of a personal-obligation-filial piety thing. Latent Catholicism meets Confucianism, I suppose. I felt that I had to get down here ASAP because of my grandfather passing in July to... I don't know, reconnect with the family. There's also some stuff going on with the maternal side of the family and my grandmother there, but that didn't manifest until after I booked the tickets. Sigh.

I'm hunkered down with presents, yet still managed to forget some stuff. I'm sure my cousins will understand. (Probably not. They're still in kind of a bratty phase.)

According to my cousin Marta, my Aunt Gladys has already planned my itenerary for the trip. Well, so long as it means museums, history, and an obligatory trip to Parque de las Leyendas, I'm down.

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