Coming Attractions

  • Feb. 20th, 2012 at 8:59 AM
chofi: (Default)
So, in a bid to post more often and not be so much of a chickenshit, I've decided to chronicle my PS2 do-overs.

Allow me to explain:

A while back, my main PS2 memory card split open. I don't know how. The saves inside are rather... shaky. Some things load, others don't. I have another card waiting to be filled. And so, I will chronicle my joy, suffering, and nostalgia while I fill this new card with my PS2 games.

Yeah, it's basically my version of a Let's Play/Let's Replay.

First up: Soul Calibur II. Mainly because I need to get back into something approaching fighting form before going to [profile] senkami's this weekend.

Introductory post should be up later today/tomorrow.

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