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Transcending history and the world:
a tale of souls and swords,
eternally retold.

...everyone who does a Soul Series retrospective is contractually obligated to put the above in somewhere.

To be (very) brief, Soul Calibur 2 is the third game of a weapon fighting game series by Namco. The prior entries are Soul Blade and Soul Calibur. The series takes place in an increasingly alternate history version of Eurasia during the late parts of the 16th century into the early parts of the 17th. Of course, a world where two sentient weapons (Soul Edge and Soul Calibur) and their weilders are battling for the fate of the world might not exactly have the same past as our own. (And it doesn't.)

Soul Series @ Wikipedia, Soul Series @ TVTropes,

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Part One coming soon.

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  • Feb. 20th, 2012 at 8:59 AM
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So, in a bid to post more often and not be so much of a chickenshit, I've decided to chronicle my PS2 do-overs.

Allow me to explain:

A while back, my main PS2 memory card split open. I don't know how. The saves inside are rather... shaky. Some things load, others don't. I have another card waiting to be filled. And so, I will chronicle my joy, suffering, and nostalgia while I fill this new card with my PS2 games.

Yeah, it's basically my version of a Let's Play/Let's Replay.

First up: Soul Calibur II. Mainly because I need to get back into something approaching fighting form before going to [profile] senkami's this weekend.

Introductory post should be up later today/tomorrow.