NaBloPoMo Unofficial 15: Avox

  • Nov. 15th, 2011 at 11:19 PM
chofi: (Default)
Started reading The Hunger Games again, like I said I would. I remembered that the thing was food porn, but not so much. (Those breakfasts. Seriously.) Well, thanks to fandom being awesome, I will now share some of the foods of The Hunger Games

The title's a reference to The Hunger Games, too. That thing I've been fighting off migrated to my throat. I sound like I'm doing an impersonation of Fluttershy. My voice's doing better than Monday, though. I've been chugging tea and sucking on cough drops. This is the part where I remind people that I'm a language teacher. Yeah. This has been an interesting week.

My midnight raid for Revelations was fail (the stores closed hella early), so I just picked it up before going to work. I'll probably start doing some sort of commentary about Stupid Sexy Altaïr Assassin's Creed the First soon-ish.

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