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  • May. 21st, 2009 at 10:38 PM
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Oh hi, arc words. Nice to see you. Yeah, so I've just started up Suikoden: Bob Tierkreis. Lol whut for naming the Tenkai Star after a 12K OC. It's sort of a shame that I didn't keep up my theme of KoF characters, but whatever. I have to get used to Suikoden-type battles after the Final Fantasy Tactics meets Valkyrie Profile affair that was Covenant of the Plume. (Suck it, Iseria Ethereal Queen. Suck. It. Also, thanks, game, for making Wyl a Destroyer of Worlds after that hellish tenth go around. Meh.)

Right. Tierkreis. I'm keeping this banter above a cut because I'm only about two hours in.

Again, I need to get back into the Suikoden-type battle groove. Holy crap, I can power game again.

The voice acting. Good Lord. That is some inconsistent shiz up in there.

I'm all for the wacky AU hijinks.

The art style's kind of generic, but there's something there that I like. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

What else...? I overpaid for bought a 12K art book, and it came in crazy fast from Japan. I'm a sucker for character design/concept art (LOL, surly Gyousou in his daikyuu is surly), and since this stuff is all line art, it'd be fairly easy to scan in and color.

And a final amusing thing: I'm working on feed back surveys for the advisers in teacher education. They're giving me a list of names so that I can start spamming the link to the survey. So I'm going along, and then: William Lawrence. Alas, not spelled correctly, but still rather amusing. Would he be in math, do you think, or sciences?
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Fandom: Temeraire
Rating: G
Word Count:: 589
Notes: zOMG, I wrote Temeraire-verse. Warnings for OC's, lack of canon characters, questionable Quechua. Temeraire-verse is not mine, it belongs to [livejournal.com profile] naominovik.

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  • Jul. 10th, 2008 at 12:43 AM
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I should start a collection of "Famous People Who Want to Spell My Name with 'ph'" signatures.

Yeah. Still no Temeraire icon.

So, went off to the Victory of Eagles reading/signing in the Village today.

Rather than read an excerpt from Victory, we had a short story from the Tem-verse, "Vinci," that talks about the taming of the first western dragon. I (heart) Vinci. She's awesome. Cato was pretty good, too. And Novik did voices. <3

Things That We Found Out:

  • Novik's got an idea of where the rest of the books will be heading, but not the specific plots. It'll end with the end of the Napoleonic Wars, but we can't expect a finish similar to the one that's IRL. (So, if/when Waterloo happens, it's going to be hella different.)

  • The dragon's colorations are from butterfly species. Temrer's blue spots on black came from the black swallowtail.

  • Nothing about Jackson's option. It is a very long option, and she can't give out more than that. (His spies are everywhere...)

  • There will be visits to the parts of the world still remaining. Those who've finished VoE already know where the next stop of the Fantastic Voyage is headed. The Americas will happen, which means that I have to finish my Tem-verse chasqui fic before I get jossed.
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    • Jun. 11th, 2008 at 10:53 AM
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    Note to self: Temeraire icons. NAO.

    Well, Victory of Eagles preview up, and of course I read... Temeraire-voice helps to remind me that he's still going through the adolescent sulk period. Dueling Math Nerds for the win (I had to work out what they were talking about. I really need formulae.), though I'm holding out on my squee opinion of Perscitia until I read more about her.

    Also: NOVIK AT THE GREENWICH VILLAGE B&N!1!!! July 9. It's a Wednesday, so I'll have to take off from work for it. This also gives me about a day and a half in which to finish Victory of Eagles (It comes out on July 8), because I'm sure there will be spoilery conversations. 384 pages in about 36 hours is totally doable.

    Spazzing. Now.

    • Jun. 2nd, 2008 at 12:30 PM
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    Reviews for VoE~

    For most of its length, Novik keeps the focus of the plot squarely on Laurence and Temeraire — the former weighing his feelings of guilt against his implacable notions of honor and duty, and the latter's own regret once he learns just what Laurence has lost, and his dismay at being unable to break through the defensive line of Laurence's sullen and grave demeanor. The bond between captain and dragon can never be broken. But there are some crises that Laurence has to work through himself, where Temeraire simply cannot help.

    Oh, God, I can't wait until July.
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    Someone actually did it.

    Someone wrote Laurence/Temeraire.

    It's adorkable and smutty and fun.

    And now, it's safe for me to work on the Laurence/Temeraire fic I had...

    Fanservice. Shameless fanservice.

    • Jan. 7th, 2008 at 9:25 AM
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    Well, it is, but I'm still going to link to it.

    You should read it, if only for the line: "Lord Fisher, may I present the Honorable Lord Temeraire of Cathay, KDBE, MP, DSO, etc..."

    And I squeed the hardest at the "MP," of course.

    ETA: In my fangirling glee, I forgot to mention that this fic also deals with the JUMBO LARGE SPOILER FROM EMPIRE OF IVORY.

    Deep breath, now.

    • Jun. 6th, 2007 at 9:50 AM
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    God, I have not thought in the slightest about the Temeraire (and I still want to pronounce it like Japanese, rather than French. Argh.) series since last summer, but here's book four. W00t, and again, w00t. If you like Regency/the Napoleonic Wars/Alternate History/dragons/any combination of the above, read this series, plz.

    ...actually, I take that back. A ways into Color, Finlay describes Turner's The Fighting Temeraire, and I squeed.

    Hey, bunny, not gonna write about any possible names for the Incan dragons, kthx.

    ETA: (sigh) Well, Pachacuti would do (Using Tupacamaru as a title, maybe?), and Cusi Yupanqui gets to keep his given name. Now that I think about it, the whole death cult would, if done a certain way, give loads of power to the dragons that are left behind, they being a part of the inca, in a way. The lands and taxes are in the inca's name, but given the dragon's longevity, they'll have various inca riders and be another representative for them.

    (sigh) I hate you, shower.

    Also, Fanart.