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Yes, I realize that I am, indeed, going to hell.

This year, my towel is a shrunken beach towel of a sunset and dolphins. The colors are dark, appropriate for mourning, and you can't forget the dolphins. I think I'll go through Hitchhiker's again today, even if it's out of my queue's order.

No one'd happen to have an mp3 of "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish," would they? You know your Google-fu is weak when the mp3's you've found are poorer in sound quality than the opening found on You Tube.

Now, for the other end of my subject line.

Today's also the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Star Wars, so I thought I'd do a few things to commemorate. So, links and icons. First, a set of links, mainly Episode One trailer parodies because it was like everyone was going batshit for the movie. Then the new trilogy came out and, well... yeah. And someone needs to rework Crisis Core footage to it. Come on, damn it, you know you want to.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Something of a radio edit--this is You Tube, after all--but I like it.
The Saga Begins Trailer, Eva version
The Saga Begins Trailer, South Park version

So, now, Squeenix Icons. I was just going to post the Star Wars-y ones, but I might as well show the others while I'm at it.

3 Final Fantasy XII
5 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
4 Final Fantasy VII
Because we all know that FFXII is Star Wars with chocobos. )