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  • Jul. 5th, 2009 at 6:40 PM
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Triple word post score!

So I've decided to actually, you know, use the DW, but it's probably going to have a similar fate to the IJ: a mirror journal. At least this time I uploaded my ElJay entries so that I don't get stuck in an archiving mire like I am at IJ. (Uh, yeah... about posting what I've got of Benefit-verse using in-fic chronological order...)

Hrm... now to have a point to use the Ashe icon... Well, first is Yahtzee's fail of a review for The Sims 3. The whole "Dude, not funny" feel of the review was of course magnified in the forums. Conversations about the fail here and here. This business hits close to home because I used to be (and have my moments of being) one of those types that derided the "casual gamer" in order to bolster my own old school cred. (Of course, being a [female] fan of the Final Fantasy series means that I'm about half a step above the casual gamer in the hierarchy. Is there a gamer hierarchy? You know, like The Geek Hierarchy the Brunching Shuttlecocks made. Whoo, tangent.) This also sort of stinks of "I am better than other girls, because I can do this guy thing!" which is not cool. Remedial feminism is remedial.

In actual gaming news, I finished Tierkreis and have started Final Fantasy. Thanks to [personal profile] canis_m whenever I see Atrie I start thinking "Taiki~" and wonder how everyone's favorite black kirin would look in Atrie's gear. (Answer: adorable, but of course) To remain vauge, yet ranty: it's really great that you've finally decided to have a female Tenkai, Konami. Next time, how about we make her something more than an NPC? Also, I want a Nimni plushie. His armor would be insane, though. I still have a lot of white fleece, so maybe a Neira is in the future?

Now, for Final Fantasy. It's going a lot faster than I thought it would, mostly because I got my plot background from 8-Bit Theater and it took a while for the strip to do the first five minutes of the game. (I still think "stabbity" whenever my black mage has a knife/dagger.) Names: Namae, Nom, Elia, and Nombre. One of these names is not like the others...

Won't you miss me like a hole in the head?

  • Apr. 21st, 2009 at 5:20 PM
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Because I do, boy, and it's cool, boy...

So I took advantage of GameStop's sale last weekend and binged on games that were in the buying queue (Notice that I didn't say anything about the playing queue.). I managed to finish most of Covenant of the Plume, but I've still got to finish off the Seraphic Gate. Still, the queue grows longer. I now have copies of Final Fantasies I - III and Persona 3 FES (Hence the title. I've been wanting to use those lyrics to talk about Persona 3 for such a long time...)

Last week was also my grandmother's 90th birthday, and the trip to the mall to get supplies (dress, accessories, etc.) was how I was in the vicinity of a GameStop in the first place. I managed to dance at the party, OMG, and doing Kid's Table Redux is always fun.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff out there for Covenant of the Plume, does there? Can anyone point me in the direction of gen-fic? Wyl-centric, Cheripha-centric, or Phiona-centric? (sigh) I've sort of got an idea for a piece on Wyl and another on Phiona, but I want to save the invoking of Rule 35 until I know for sure something's not out there.