First things first.

  • Feb. 14th, 2006 at 7:13 AM
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Today, I want to slit my wrists, just to see the color. [/lewis black reference]

I'm also in an abusive relationship. Squeenix has jerked me around over and over, but now, we have a date. We also have a cast list. So, I tore my ass down to to the listings. Listened to everything. I am quietly confident. I think that you should listen to all of them, just because of the WTF-ery when you think about the characters.


Kadaj singing Kumbaya.
Zack doing an ode to Panama City, mainly about the vices that can occur there. The way he purrs "Hallelujah..."
Loz in a Queen's English accent.
Rufus concerned about dog welfare (Dark Nation!).
Sephiroth complaining about his everyday routine, that he's never given a gift, about resentment towards his parents, and has concern towards the unborn.
Reno doing odes to beer. Actually, his opener. Listen to it.


AC Apologist

  • Jan. 19th, 2006 at 10:32 AM
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Eh, there've been several entries on [ profile] ff7 whining about how AC wasn't their vision of awesomeness. Dude, it was a brainfart that went out of control. What did you expect? Just STFU and enjoy the pretty. Regardless, since this current complaint is the most tl;dr of them, we here at Sketch and Destroy have decided to answer the queries to the best to our ability. And of course not on the comm because I'm a wuss. I'm going to stay away from the asthetic complaints because they're asthetic blah-blah our own opinions on beauty blah-blah Chofi actually liked Cloud's new 'do blah-blah.

Sledgehammer? I hope. )