Status Report.

  • Dec. 4th, 2010 at 10:53 PM
chofi: (Default)
Got the "diarrhea of the pen" drafts done of December Festival Drabbles One and Two. I'm trying too hard with both of them. I'll let them rest for a few days and see what happens.

PAYCHECKS! Part of them go to Sister for tolls, and part to bills, and most to December Festival Gifts.

Did I mention that my car almost died? Yeah, well, my car almost died. I had to walk home from the mechanic (A bit over a mile, according to Google Maps), and I was wearing the Sensible Walking Shoes I scored on Black Friday. Sensible Walking Shoes are sensible, so I made it fine.

Been playing a lot of Sengoku Basara, probably because of the feeling of accomplishment. (Still no Oichi. Sigh.) Nothing's really left in FFXIII besides five starring the missions and Orphan, grinding for cash, and getting all accessories and weapons. Basara-wise, dear God is Magoichi fun to play. Even though she comes off as kind of a bitch during James Mason Lazard Valeth Tokugawa's campaign, the bitchiness turns into snark in her campaigns, and so I love her.

([profile] dedpoo, I have ACB. I just haven't cracked it open yet because of Basara. I know you understand. Right?)

I wanted to write something that would allow me to use the "what do you do with a BA in..." tag, but I can't remember it. Oh, well, you're all spared from some sort of pretentious shit, I guess.