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Just got up. More WTF dreams.

Dream One:

Off to London with the family again. (Family being parents, sister, and the three grandparents.) We're trying to squeeze ourselves onto the front of a bus. Dad tells my sister to sit with one of the grandparents. She obviously can't, because the grandmother takes up the entire seat. Sister attempts to do so, anyhow. I say it can't be done. On hearing me, Dad orders me to sit down in the place. I am, to put it lightly, much larger than my sister. If she's not going in, I'm not going in. So, I sit on the armrest. The other grandparents are on the stairwell in the front of the bus, hanging on. My mother is driving.

It's during winter holidays (We're cheap. Shut up.), and my mother comes up with a WTF way of giving my sister and me our spending money. Well, yeah, it's a dream, of course it's going to be WTF. We get chocolate oranges, and upon breaking them, there are random denominations of cash. They all seem to be the same color (a light peach), which is odd for European money. I remember getting one for seventy-six. Seventy-six what, who knows.

Dream Two:

In the living room of my cousins' old house. I think that our ages match the situation. (Back when I was around ten/eleven, my Dad worked nights on Wednesdays. Rather than leave us alone, we went to our cousins' house, which was across the street from ours.) We were watching TV/putting together a puzzle. I was nearly finished with the puzzle when I noticed that some of the pieces were placed incorrectly. So, I had to find the seams that didn't match up, and put the right parts in.

Listening to the TV, I noticed that Avatar was on. (So much for historical accuracy...) I think it was something that delved into the past of Sasuke and Itachi Zuko and Azula. No, I don't know why this was important, either.


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Just to prove to everyone that I'm alive, I think I'll also turn this blog-of-all-trades into a sort of dream log.

So, last night's jumble of rich, creamy WTF involved watching what had to be some sort of Valentine's Day filler thing for Naruto. Post time-jump, apparently, because it involved some recent grad from Ninja Tech and her demented crush on Swirly Fishcakes. This included a fantasy sequence in which the viewer is treated to Fangirl and Fishcakes in Domestic Bliss, which seems to involve old-school (shoji like whoa) housing, for some reason. Sakura, who has apparently been forced convinced to listen to this insanity is treated to colored pencil renderings of the same. Fangirl also sneaks into Naruto's place (I mean, ninja, duh) to leave a (horrifically written) declaration of her Twu Luv.

I think the lesson is that English dubbed Naruto + Chicken Galore leftovers makes for interesting WTF.