Won't you miss me like a hole in the head?

  • Apr. 21st, 2009 at 5:20 PM
chofi: (Default)
Because I do, boy, and it's cool, boy...

So I took advantage of GameStop's sale last weekend and binged on games that were in the buying queue (Notice that I didn't say anything about the playing queue.). I managed to finish most of Covenant of the Plume, but I've still got to finish off the Seraphic Gate. Still, the queue grows longer. I now have copies of Final Fantasies I - III and Persona 3 FES (Hence the title. I've been wanting to use those lyrics to talk about Persona 3 for such a long time...)

Last week was also my grandmother's 90th birthday, and the trip to the mall to get supplies (dress, accessories, etc.) was how I was in the vicinity of a GameStop in the first place. I managed to dance at the party, OMG, and doing Kid's Table Redux is always fun.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff out there for Covenant of the Plume, does there? Can anyone point me in the direction of gen-fic? Wyl-centric, Cheripha-centric, or Phiona-centric? (sigh) I've sort of got an idea for a piece on Wyl and another on Phiona, but I want to save the invoking of Rule 35 until I know for sure something's not out there.