• May. 20th, 2008 at 9:14 AM
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Well, I'm something of a fan of the The Alkazar. I rather like the subset of the Alkazar where the actor plays up some sort of characteristic of his or her character in real life, probably just to pander to the fans or a specific subset of fans. Examples include Ruben Langdon acting like a total dork., Steve Burton acting unsure but determined, and Gideon Emery admitting to developing a small crush on Fran.

So, in the mornings I listen to the Z100 Morning Zoo (Guys, you've seen my deriviative, unoriginal fic; my derivative, unoriginal icons; my derivative, unoriginal layouts; and my overall devivative, unoriginal thoughts. Is it that much of a surprise that I don't listen to more enlightened stations?), and this morning they interviewed Jesse McCartney. So, along with the creepy Shota Cat-like perving from the hosts and from callers, Jesse also mentioned that he's more attracted to the lower half of the body. Alas, he didn't mention whether he preferred blondes, bruinettes, or red heads.


Meme-ry, and Plot Hesters

  • Apr. 26th, 2007 at 4:28 PM
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So, the site for The Golden Compass is up, and yeah, I did the dæmon meme.

Meme-ry, and random ramblings about His Dark Materials. Spoilers. )

Alas, this is being released by New Line, so no chance of Kingdom Hearts what-the-fuckery. I wanted Kingdom Hearts what-the-fuckery. Such things spawned the following:

The Plot Hesters. Spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts games and His Dark Materials. )